Handmade Flower/Gift Wrapping Paper with 3-D Silky Fabric Butterflies, 24″x 24″, 10 sheets per pack


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  • Handmade Flower Wrapping Paper with 3-D Fabric Butterflies, Water-Resistant, 24″x 24″, 10 sheets per pack
  • Size : 60 x 60 cm / (24 x 24 inch)
  • 1 pack / 10 pre-cut sheets per pack
  • Material :  Thick Paper, Silky Butterflies, this type of paper is not waterproof, maybe used in combination with waterproof paper to protect from excessive water exposure
  • Colors : Various Colors
  • Premium Quality, Fast and Secure Shipping.
  • Ships from USA in a a rigid carton box
  • See our wide selection of flower mesh and ribbons for complete unique look

Lilac, Pastel Blue, Pastel Mint, Pastel Pink, Peach


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